Oma’s “God Moment”

From Oma:

I love God moments – those moments where you clearly know that God is leading you.  I had a God moment last week that I wanted to share with you.  On Monday morning last week my husband Scott told me that I needed to find a cook. That if Oma’s was going to be as busy as I hoped it would be, and knowing that I wanted to spend time in the front of the restaurant as well as in the kitchen, I would need additional help in the back.  I knew he was right and left for the restaurant thinking about his comments.  Several hours later as I listened to my voicemail (no, God hadn’t left a message!), there was a message from Tammy Collins, the previous owner of Madison Avenue Inn Coffee Haus in Cascade, asking if I was looking for a cook.  I met with Tammy last week Thursday and I am happy to share with you that Tammy is joining Oma’s tomorrow.  Definitely a God moment – love it!


Love it too Mom! And WELCOME Tammy – we are SO excited!

April showers

As far as April mornings go, this one was pretty dreary. We KNOW we aren’t the only ones dying to open up the windows and let in some sunshine drenched fresh air! Still, the cloudy weather gave Oma the perfect opportunity to turn some lamps on, and snap a few pics.

It may have been cold outside, but inside Oma’s it was anything but. Warm and cozy, just how we like it.



Which table is going to be your favorite?


Meanwhile, check out this drawing currently hanging out on our white board! Hopefully a realistic depiction of what you will all be saying in the near future!


Have a wonderful day!


Looking for the best burger…

Had you been peeking in our windows a few nights ago, you may have seen this:


And this:


You probably would have been confused. What was going on?

Well, we have been on the hunt for the best burger to serve from our kitchen! We had 8 (yes, 8) different patties to try and invited our family over for a taste test.  We gathered around in the back room and tasted, and tested, and even wrote a few notes.


We can’t lie, they were all good.

I’m pretty sure #5 was the winner, in case you’re interested. You’ll have to try it for yourself!

“Wow, it looks so different!” Front Room Preview

We continue to charge ahead over at Oma’s on Main! It’s amazing how much things can change in such a short amount of time when you have so many family and friends supporting you!

Here are a few of the changes happening in the front room. Enjoy!

There has been a lot of painting going on. A LOT. Here’s a mash-up of some old and new. The yellow is new, as is the blue (right by the lights) to the left. The brown and terra cotta colors are now gone - don’t worry, so is that white patch. The ceiling will be remaining the same!


Emmeline and Elaina (Oma’s granddaughters)  show off a portion of new flooring where one of the booths will go. There had been carpeting here before, and just like in the back room we had hoped to salvage the original hardwood underneath. Unfortunately it was too far gone, but we’re happy with this look!


Speaking of the booths, we are also extremely (EXTREMELY!) excited about these chairs that Oma found. They are old school desks! The desk portion has been removed, obviously, but the neat little rack underneath the chairs are still there! It’s such a perfect little storage spot for purses, bags, or even that second order of lunch you’re taking to-go!  We have them in a few different colors, and they are going to look so great!


Here’s another seating update that was not mentioned! You may have noticed in the pictures posted last time that the front counter is a bit different? Can you see it??? Look once more…


Okay, this picture isn’t the greatest. But, the far end of the counter has now been lowered so that stools can go there! Fun, huh?

We cannot wait to invite you to have a seat!

In the meantime, enjoy your day!


Welcome to Oma’s on Main!

We are excited to announce that Oma’s on Main will be opening in April! Oma (and the rest of us!) could not be more excited.

As you may have imagined, there have been many changes happening to the restaurant as we prepare to open as our very own. Are you up for a little preview? We thought so!

Here are a few of the updates happening in the back room right now!


Oma’s oldest granddaughter, Emmeline, playing in the new back room.

It is in the middle of a full blown transformation!

The first thing you may notice is that all of the carpeting has been removed! At first we had hoped to salvage the original hardwood floors, but they were too far gone.


Here is a small glimpse of what the new flooring will look like. Isn’t it beautiful!?!?


Also, you may have noticed a new color on the walls!

The front of the restaurant is also receiving it’s own facelift. Stop on back for more previews and details as our work progresses!

See you soon!